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RADPrimer is an educational platform with modules featuring case studies, reference images, and diagnosis solutions. Whether you are a budding resident or an experienced radiologist, healthcare professionals cannot afford to stop learning.

  • Curriculums include:
  • Reading assignments written by leading radiology experts
  • Over 7,000 case-based and traditional questions
  • Overviews that summarize the lesson topics
  • Learning objectives crafted by educators and thought leaders
  • Practice questions to help residents learn as they go
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RADPrimer is the #1 study tool in the United States used by 85% of residency programs.


Prepare to become a confident radiologist with RADPrimer's expert-guided curriculum, prebuilt lessons, and more than
7,000 assessment questions.

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Continue your education with a full radiology curriculum, audit your performance with quizzes and tests, and track your progress toward your learning goals.

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See anyone you know? These award-winning authors have carefully built RADPrimer’s beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses.

Each of its 300 authors is committed to revolutionizing radiology education, closely tracking progress in the field and updating content accordingly. RADPrimer is regularly enriched with more images to view, more questions to answer, and more innovative ways to help understand key concepts in Radiology.

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With over 7,000 questions covering a variety of topics, RADPrimer ensures you are prepared for anything and everything, including Physics and Safety and Appropriateness Criteria.

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