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Foundational Curriculum
Comprehensive Curriculum
RADPrimer delivers the first comprehensive radiology curriculum, across all core disciplines, to help you train competent and prepared radiologists.
Amirsys’ team of experts contributes a lifetime of subspecialty expertise to the resident learning experience.
Topic-Focused Lessons
Topic-focused lessons present specific diagnoses, anatomy, differential diagnoses, and assessment questions related to the topic.
Two Difficulty Levels
Two curriculum levels deliver the right training for each resident level. The Basic level is for 1st -year trainees and provides topic introductions, imaging anatomy, and basic diagnosis questions. Intermediate is for 2nd– and 3rd-year trainees, building on more advanced topics and imaging modalities.
7,000 Questions and Counting
With over 7,000 questions covering a variety of topics, RADPrimer ensures residents are prepared for anything and everything, including Physics and Safety and Appropriateness Criteria.
Pre- and Post-Tests
Each module has a pre- and post-tests to quantify how much a resident has learned after completing the module.
Customizable Practice Quizzes
Residents can create custom quizzes to evaluate learning retention, flag questions for follow up, and select new or revisit previous questions.
Physics and Safety
RADPrimer includes hundreds of special questions such as Physics and Safety questions and Appropriateness Criteria questions.
Faculty/Administrative Module
Individual Progress Tracking
Track the time each resident spends reading, which areas they mark complete, and their pre- and post-test performance.
Program-Wide Progress Tracking
Get insight into each class’s activity, including how much each class is using RADPrimer, the number of questions taken per week, number of lessons completed, and overall improvement average. Also get quick insight into which residents are improving, and those that need additional help.
Reporting and Documentation
Use key performance indicators like pre- and post-test percent improvement and time spent reading topics to help accurately gauge and document your residents’ progress toward Milestones.
Consistent Guidance
RADPrimer’s curriculum provides a consistent educational resource for every teaching faculty member in your program. For example, if you ask 1st-years to study the RADPrimer Basic MSK module during their MSK rotations, you will know every 1st-year will get the same training in MSK.
Time Savers
Save time with printable reading lists, department implementation suggestions, and recommendations on how to integrate with your resident tracking software. These time savers, combined with the Faculty module’s tracking tools, makes reporting a breeze.