Consistent Radiology Curriculum RADPrimer 3.0 prebuilt lessons transform the learning experience from case-based learning to a comprehensive radiology curriculum. Topic-driven, prebuilt lessons include:
  • Lesson overviews that summarize the topic highlights
  • Learning objectives crafted by experienced educators and thought leaders
  • Reading assignments written by leading radiology experts
  • Practice questions to help residents learn as they go
Pre- and post-tests measure what residents have learned in each module. The curriculum covers all eleven traditional radiology disciplines, plus appropriateness criteria, physics, and safety.
Analyze Performance Results to Ensure Success RADPrimer tracking tools give insight into individual and program-wide performance on over 7,000 assessment questions, so you can identify issues early and plan for resident improvement opportunities. Assessment areas include:
  • Diagnosis
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Anatomy
  • Procedure
  • Physics
  • Safety
  • Appropriateness Criteria
Monitor and Document Progress and Performance Get easily accessible individual and program-wide reports on progress toward program milestones, including documentation for the Medical Knowledge and Patient Care aspects of ACGME Core Competency requirements. The Faculty module gives you access to the entire curriculum, including assessments, so you know what your residents are studying.